These could very well be the toughest collars on the planet, no bones about it! Made of nonporous polymers, these collars are waterproof, dirtproof, and stinkproof. Ultra-durable collars can be cleaned to look brand new by simply rinsing in warm water.


  • Large Collar Fits Neck Sizes 17-22" Width 1.25"
  • Medium Collar Fits Neck Sizes 13-18" Width 1"
  • Small Collar Fits Neck Sizes 11-13" Width .75"


The small collars will fit a very small neck sizes. HOWEVER, on sizes smaller than 11", there is a good deal of excess collar after feeding through the d ring. These collars are perfect for puppies that will grow into them. They may not fit extremely small toy breeds well.

No more lamenting over once beautiful lanyard collars that have now faded and frayed from abuse and washing. These beautiful collars colors won't wear out or fade and will never be left on your dogs coat! Your dog will be getting compliments on this collar for a lifetime!

The large and medium collars have been reinforced with nylon lanyard on the inside of the rubber. This prevents them stretching from a dog that likes to pull. It also gives our collars a nice sturdy feel.

The buckles have been made to be especially thick for durability. We coated them with a black nickel finish that is both unique and beautiful. At the corner of the buckle you will notice our logo has been stamped into the metal and oiled red and white. The D-ring has No Bones About It stamped into the metal, also. It is just these kinds of touches that show the pride in craftsmanship of these collars.

When you first receive your new collar it may seem a little stiff and bulky in places. Do not worry! Give your collar several days to break in. It needs to warm up and move around a little! After a few days your collar will actually mold perfectly to your dog's neck. You will know your collar is broken in when you take it off your dog and it remains in a curved position instead of just lying flatly. If you'd like to speed this process up, wrap your collar tightly around a soup can overnight!

No Bones About It - Lick Love Wag Dog Collars Purple Daze

  • Normal ship times are 1-2 days. If you have an order that requires special attention, please email after you submit your order.

  • Dogs should wear a collar under supervision only. That means you should take your dog's collar off whenever he's crated, playing with another dog or left unsupervised in your home. It's just not worth the risk.


    We've tested our collar & leash products for strength & durability for everyday use. Each customer is responsible for determining the suitability of our products for their individual pet and assumes all responsibility/liability by purchasing our products. By purchasing our products, you acknowledge and agree to accept all responsibility. Please use good judgment and common sense in determining appropriate use for any pet collars and leashes that you purchase from any company. As with all pet collars and leashes on the market, they should be inspected regularly. Our collars are not recommended for tie-out.

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